twimNet is our value added network (VAN service) that allows communication and format conversion between you and your customers. Once connected to twimNet you do not need to know your customers communication methods, security certificates or file formats. We provide you with the client communication software which connects to twimNet, and twimNet communicates with your business partners.

twimNet Applications

twimNet Applications is a web based overall solution for communication, delivery schedule management, goods labelling and delivery notification. All you need is a subscription with us and we'll do the rest!


Owning your own EDI system can be strategically significant but the contract to run it and keep all forms of communication open as the outside world requires time, personnel and knowledge.
Allowing Encode to take care of a system we developed ourselves is a safe choice for you. Hosting provides shorter response times on support and system changes. We will upgrade your system continuously and you will always have the latest features available.