Electronic order and invoice

Twim Server exchange electronic business documents, EDI messages such as e-invoice with your customers and suppliers. EDI messages are converted to and from EDI format to be useful and current information in your ERP system.


Our product redOFTP communicates with the OFTP and OFTP2 protocol. Both older networks as X.25 and ISDN are supported as well as cost effective communication over the Internet. Administration is done easily via a web interface. redOFTP can run completely standalone as well as integrated with our other products. Integration with other products can be made with command-line tools as well as a powerful API.

Goods labels and advance shipping notice

Twim Delivery has support for the automotive and engineering industries most common goods label standars. Twim Delivery manages delivery notification in accordance with current standards.

Delivery schedule

Many suppliers to the automotive and engineering industries have difficulty managing delivery schedules. In many cases, only the latest delivery schedule remains in the ERP system. Whenever a new is received it overwrites the previous. Thus you can no longer see how the forecasts have moved, while your customers requires you to act on forecast information.
Twim Schedule is a supplement to your ERP system, which gives you a total overview of your delivery situation in the present as well as in the past.

Sequence flow

Our product Twim JIT automates your sequence flow. Just in time (JIT) is all about having the right product at the right place at just the right time. When EDI is used for JIT, it is basically about to definitively determine the materials shipping time and packing order.

Deliveries from subcontractors

Making use of a third-pair logistics for warehousing and delivery, or a contractor that processes articles before the final delivery, is becoming more common. However, it often means increased transport time, warehousing and packaging costs for items sent back and forth.
Twim Via creates an automated flow between supplier and customer to reduce costs and ensure a higher delivery quality to customer.


Scania Meppel

I was looking for a fully EDI-based lean solution for our material supply. The number of trucks being built is relatively constant, and the details can be ordered with forecasts DELFOR supplemented with KANBAN flow for our high volume articles. The logistical challenge is the order of color, because the chassis color is determined very close to the production date. We use KANBAN for colors with large consumption, and SYNCRO for smaller quantities, down to the amount of color needed for a single chassis.

Gerard Bannink, Project leader Logistics & IS/IT